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2:00 a.m.

“We got him! Cover me, Luijo! Éte é un penco pájaro!” What a horrific beast!

¨Aquí toy, Mazaso!¨ Luijo is quick as always.

 “Fafifo, close that gap, make him come to me! If he moves that way, tú lo ataja and slice ei maidito como un perro!” Lugarú? Zángano? What was the name Doña Miguela said for this type of galipote? Mazaso can´t remember now, this reburujú going on in earnest.

¨Guay mi mai, Guaaaaay mi mai!” The little girl screams again, the galipote’s iron grip hurting her arm. Fafifo gets ready to strike a supportive machete blow.

Mazaso is very tired, limbs still shaking with exertion from fighting the other monster not even one hour ago.

Someone brought a torch! Davisote, Fafifo´s friend, appeared out of the nothing again, and solve a huge problem no one foresaw, again.

A chair? Why did Luijo bring a chair? Jaimote brought Doña Miguela´s portrait of her favorite saint. The other monster lost a precious half second staring at it, and that was all Mazaso needed to make its head roll free on the ground…

 “Show that maidito the cross, Dani!” Joss shouts. Doña Miguela insisted that his boy should take the cross made of palo de cruz. Why is this bloody bag so heavy?

“Jaimote, read the ensalmo!  Carajo, open the book!” Joss points an urgent finger to Dani´s brother. He suspects Doña Miguela is a witch, but a kind one. How can she know so much?

Sensing the end, the galipote fixes his glassy eyes on Mazaso and crunches lower. What a horrendous set of teeth! The galipote´s shrieks crowl up their spines and turn their blood to ice, but they will never admit that to one another!

¨Mazaso, did you hear? I will be carrying the salt and holy water. Mazaso!¨ Fafifo poses his fingers for a roqui-toqui right between Mazaso´s eyes. It is 6:00 p.m. Mazaso saw it all in his head, how their plans will go. A terrified village near San Juan de La Maguana called for their help. Reckless, always eager to rescue friends in distress, they were famous already. They had never hunted galipotes before, but that was unimportant. Mazaso had his brothers, cousin and closest friends by his side.

Read more about galipotes and their different types, like Lugarús or Zánganos, here:  (Spanish source of info)

Éte é un penco pájaro: this is a huge animal (translation of the idea; "pájaro" really means bird, but this word may refer to different creatures)
Ataja: to catch
Ei maidito: that damned thing
Reburujú: mess, disaster
Mi mai: my mother

Ensalmo: incantation

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Is this painting available?
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We are coming from the conuco… Dark, dark…

One, two, three men gone forever… The Ciguapas from the times of my taita's taita have returned. A horrendous end is feared for the disappeared ones.

The moon looks weird tonight…

I stopped going to my taita’s conuco, but they made fun of me. I am Ernesto, from Sabana de La Mar! I am the son of my taita, who was never scared of anything in this world, just like his taita before him! For support, I called my cousins from La Vega, famous in all the Cibao for being the most guapos.

Wait… What is that thing shinning among the leaves?

Now I am having second thoughts… Tilín, while always taking as fact every detail of my story, he appears to be enjoying some inner joke. A mocking smile sneaks out of the corners of his mouth whenever he is not paying attention.

What was that rustling under those branches?

Ceo, on the other hand… First, I was congratulating myself for my success in bringing him here. They do say no one is more guapo in the whole country. Now I wonder... He walks as if lost in thoughts, never hears or sees anything. Maybe he is just plain deaf! 

I feel a hundred eyes on us.

Tilín said it was the best idea to wait for a full moon. Ceo said that to bring a perro manchado with us was stupid, and forbit it. That Ceo...

I saw a large shadow ran behind
those bushes, I swear!

Tilín, happily chatting; Ceo, a vacant look on his face. Around us strange women with feet turned backwards, enchanting men into their deaths. How can they be walking so carelessly? Am I the only one taking this thing seriously?

Jesú Manífica! I can hear them now!

Find more about the Dominican Myth of Ciguapas here:

Conuco: parcel of land
Taita: father
Guapo: brave, courageous
La Vega: City of La Vega province, Dominican Republic.
Cibao: valley in the central region of the Dominican Republic. 
Jesú Manífica: Or Jesús Magnífica, meaning Jesus Magnificent.
Perro manchado: Spotted dog, specifically white and black. Some think that it is a white dog that will do the trick, for better catching a Ciguapa.

Sabana de La Mar; fisherman village at the North-East of the Dominican Republic. This town is limited at the North by the Samaná Bay (famous for its whale watching season!) The Haitises National Park is just West from Sabana de La Mar. More about this town in the following lines (these links are for the sole purpose of providing some information about this place):  

In real life Ernesto and Ceo were cousins. Tilín and Ceo were brothers in law. To my knowledge, they never engaged in a ciguapa hunt, at least not as a team. Ceo and Tilín were known locally for being extremely courageous, always available for helping to unravel the strangest mysteries.

Friday, May 1, 2015

 Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Patron Saint of Manabao, La Vega, República Dominicana

Oil On Canvas, 40 x 30 inches

This painting was created following the way of how the Virgin appeared in Mexico to the indian Juan Diego, and many other details highly relevant to this story.  Notice the shiny white stars surrounding the Virgin:  they have a reason to be spaced as they are. 

Esta pintura fue creada siguiendo la forma en cómo la Vigen se le apareció en México al indio Juan Diego, y muchos detalles más altamente relevantes a la historia. Nota las brillantes estrellas blancas que rodean la Virgen: tienen una razón especial para estar espaciadas de esa manera. 

Paint restoration of The Lady of Guadalupe statue, for Manabao´s church, La Vega. Oil paints were used, the same ones used for painting on canvas. Acrylic paints were supplied to me for this purpose, but being used to my oil paints, I just couldn´t find a way to feel comfortable with acrylics. I didn´t like the behaviior not the results of this product on the statue. The oils took much longer to dry, but it was so worth it!

Restauración de pintura de la estatua de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, para la Iglesia de Manabao, La Vega. Pinturas de óleo fueron usadas, las mismas que se usaron para la pintura sobre tela. Pinturas acrílicas me fueron suministradas para esta labor, pero acostumbrada a utilizar mis pinturas de óleo, no encontré la vía de sentirme cómoda con acríílicos. No me gustaba el comportamiento ni los resultados de este producto sobre la estatua. Los óleos tomaron mucho más tiempo para secarse, pero valió la pena tanto!

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Oil On Canvas
Palette-Knife Paintings (Heavy Texture Paint)

Óleo Sobre Tela
Pinturas a Espátula (Pintura de Textura Gruesa)


(Todus angustirostris)  

Yellow-faced grassquit Cigüita de la Hierba

Indigenous/Nativo(Tiaris olivaceus)

Black-crowned tanagerCuatro Ojos.

Endemic; Endémico. (Phaenicophilus palmarum)

American kestrel; Cuyayas (subspeciessubespecie) Endemic/Endémica(Falco sparverius dominicensis: subspecies of Falco sparverius)

Ridgway's hawkGavilán dominicano

Endemic; Endémico(Buteo Ridgwayi)

IntroducedIntroducido(Passer domesticus).

Village weaver; Madam saga o Tejedor común. Introduced;Introducida. (Ploceus cucullatus)

Common ground dove; Tortolita

Indigenous/Nativo. (Columbina passerina)

Indigenous/Nativo. (Mimus polyglottos)

EndemicEndémico. (Coccyzus longirostris)

EndemicEndémico. (Cholrostilbon swainsonii)

Vervain hummingbird; Zumbadorcito.

EndemicEndémico. (Priotelus roseigaster)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


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Orpheus walks full of hope towards daylight, expecting his beloved Eurydice to follow him all the way out of the underwold. He has been granted an extraordinary and unique opportunity: to have the breath of life restored to his wife. Hades, king of the land of the dead, softened to Orpheus request, marking Greek history as the only time this ever happened with this fearsome god. Even Cerberus, the horrifying hound of the gates of Hades, succumbed to the sad songs Orpheus played. Hades and his wife Persephone conceded Orpheus a chance for getting back Eurydice, alive. She would walk behind him, all the way to daylight, but he could not turn back to look at her, or would lose her for ever.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Coson Beach

Coson Beach
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A long, long line of coconut trees, and white foam in beautiful Coson beach, Samana, Dominican Republic.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apollo And Clytie Greek Myth

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Apollo climbs the sky in his chariot of fire, and ignores Clytie, who betrayed his beloved Leucothea in order to gain back his favors. She suffers silently and finally turns into a sunflower; her face will now follow forever the Sun in its daily path.

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